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   When Grown-Ups Fall in Love 
   Written by Barbara Lynn Edmonds and illustrated by Matthew Daniele 
   28 pages, $19.95, preschool through first grade
This book is a sweet poem, colorfully illustrated, and suitable for children from newborns to seven-year-olds. It shows families with mom and dad, two moms, and two dads. The author wants children with gay parents to feel included in the world of children's literature, and also wants to help both gay and straight parents provide their children with books which promote an appreciation of diversity. All parents of newborns have this in common, none know whether their baby will be heterosexual or homosexual. The more we can do now to erase homophobia, the safer all our children will be in the future.   

The following are quotes from letters and e-mails received by the author: "Thank you for such a wonderfully written, fun, loving, easy to read and understand book, not only for kids but for the little kid in all of us" ; "...words like 'two mommies' and 'two dads' popped out at me and I continued to read with great interest and a little disbelief because these grown-ups were like me, and this family sounded like mine" ; "...we are two gay men who hope to adopt a child someday, and want to thank you for writing a book which we know our little girl or boy will love." 

   Mama Eat Ant, Yuck! 
   Written by Barbara Lynn Edmonds and illustrated by Matthew Daniele 
   28 pages, $19.95, preschool through first grade
This book uses simple rhyming text to tell a funny story about the family life of one-year-old Emma, her  Mama and Mommy, and her siblings. At the breakfast table one day, Emma is quite affected when Mama gets a surprise in her raisins.  The large, colorful  illustrations delight children as well as adults. The child-friendly title is repeated throughout the book, especially delightful for two-year-olds who love to shout out a beloved phrase and are proud of knowing the appropriate moments.  Suitable for reading to children from newborns to 7-year-olds. Gay-friendly preschool literature is a long overdue resource for parents and teachers, both gay and straight. 
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