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When we take a bite of knowledge, we change ourselves.
When we change ourselves, we change the world.
To order When Grown-Ups Fall in Love or Mama Eat Ant, Yuck!  please send a check or money order for $19.95 per book (price includes shipping and handling within the U.S.) Be sure to include your address so I will know where to send your book(s). Send your order to Hundredth Munchy Books, 2750 Mcmillan St Eugene, Oregon 97405. Email me for information on how much to add for shipping costs outside the U.S.  Or, you can print out and mail in my order form. 

To order online: 
My preference is that you use the above instructions to order directly from me, because the greater profit will allow me to expand my inventory sooner. However, if you prefer to order online, you may go directly to my page at either of these sites:
TwoLives.com When Grown-Ups Fall in Love
  Mama Eat Ant, Yuck!
Amazon.com When Grown-Ups Fall in Love
  Mama Eat Ant, Yuck!


To raise money for your organization:  
Gay/lesbian and other human rights and non-profit organizations may deduct 50% and sell copies as a fundraiser. Minimum order of 10 books, please. This option must be handled through the order form on this website, not through Amazon.com. 

Bookstore owners:  Please email me if you would like to carry these books in your store. 


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